Inspecticore’s seller pre-listing inspection is an opportunity for you to maximize your leverage and save money! For sellers, a pre-listing inspection can save a lot of avoidable trouble and stress, and maximize profit.

If you know there are items to fix, you can either repair or disclose them while preparing to list your home. Being forthright demonstrates that you are not hiding anything. Even better, being ahead of the curve with fixes before listing will present potential buyers with the best visual of their dream home. All home inspections completed by Inspecticore are available for sellers, as they are for buyers.

Why Pre-Listing Inspections?

We hire, educate, and train only the best home inspectors in the Long Island area, so you can rest assured that your potential home is well inspected.

  • Avoid eleventh hour negotiation stumbling blocks and costly concessions – if you are deep into the negotiation process you may have to agree to more than is needed to keep a deal alive.
  • Marketing and pro-active advantages – you will be ahead of the other sellers on the block with a home that has already been “pre-inspected” for safety issues etc.
  • Reveal issues before they scare off home buyers – you can let a potential buyer know you have some cost estimates for a new water heater “just like this one” so you have some real numbers during discussions about older units.
  • Avoid pit falls like termites, mold, and asbestos – get them corrected before they even come up.
  • Get realistic estimates from qualified contractors – need a repair on a burner, for example – it will be more affordable when you don’t need to pay a premium to get someone there within 24 hours!
  • List your home for full asking price with confidence – price with confidence knowing there are no major pitfalls lurking.
  • Provide peace of mind to buyers making an offer – buyers will feel confident an expert just reviewed and evaluated the home and its systems.

Expert Inspectors with Credentials

Our team of inspectors is trained and supervised by an ASHI Certified Inspector. “ASHI Certified Inspector” is a professional designation only available to qualifying inspectors who have successfully passed the rigorous National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE). These individuals are experienced, dedicated to education, and have a proven record in the inspection industry.

At Inspecticore, we offer one-call does it all professionalism at competitive rates. Our licensed and insured home inspectors can handle every aspect of the inspection process — from the foundation to the rooftop. A professional from our team will also evaluate all major systems, including the following:

  • Training – Our new inspectors complete a rigorous in-house training program and accompany one of our full-time inspectors on a minimum of 250 inspections before they inspect on their own. (This is more inspections than most inspectors will complete in their first two years in the field.)
  • Quality Assurance – Our certified trainers continue to monitor each inspector by consistently “spot checking” their inspections as well as their reports.
  • Growth & Development – In addition, our inspectors engage in ongoing bi-monthly training which insures they are current on the most up-to-date standards of practice as well as ever-changing building science.

When you’re prepared to list your home for sale, call our experts at (516) 524-0673 to schedule an inspection in the Nassau and Suffolk County areas.

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