From finding the right house for you to the joys of home ownership, the list of choices and responsibilities seems endless. To help you with the tasks of getting settled into your new home, Inspecticore provides you with a suite of value-based benefits and discounts that help save you both time and money! Contact us at (516) 524-0673 to learn more about our program.

Suite of Home Services

When you schedule your professional inspection with Inspecticore, you receive much more than just a report and a handshake. We provide our clients with a variety of valuable benefits including:

ADT Security System

​$850 ADT Home Security System so you and your family can feel safe and secure. Ask about the Ring Door Bell. View Details

Termite Inspection

Upgrade your Free 90-Day Termite Inspection within 1 YEAR for a special rate.


TankSure Visual and ultrasonic tank scan that may qualify an oil tank for a replacement payment program to help offset the cost of a new tank purchase. Home may be eligible for $200 free home heating oil bonus! View Details

Money Saving Discounts

Inspecticore helps you save money while assisting with the move into your new home.

Money-Saving Discounts
  • Moving & Storage Company – Mention Inspecticore to receive 10 free moving boxes from a family-owned, professional company that has been trusted for over 60 years.
  • Sleep Number Special Purchase Price – Smartest Beds in the world for sleep that will change your life! Start off right in your new home waking more relaxed and refreshed after a comfortable night’s sleep at your body’s preferred sleep setting. Get the Inspecticore discounted price.
  • Green Home Solutions Natural Mosquito Control Barrier Protection – Enjoy an even better mosquito-free summer with control all season and eliminate the pesky insects naturally.
  • FREE LIPA-Certified Energy Audit – If you are thinking about an insulation upgrade, get facts on all the dollars and cents. Find out how much the upgrade would cost and the difference it can make to your energy bills—free of charge.
  • Egress Window Installation Discounts – The most important part of any escape plan is the way out! Take advantage of the Inspecticore egress discount (10% off the contract price) with one of the most experienced egress window installers on Long Island.

FREE with Every Inspection

Free Termite Inspection

FREE Termite Inspection

​Free termite inspection with report prepared on documentation for your lender.

Free Buyer Protection

FREE Buyer Protection

If you decide the house is not the perfect fit for your new home, regardless of the reason, we will discount your second inspection.

Free Home Binder

FREE Home Binder

This is an electronic binder that helps organize your home’s information through years of home ownership and includes services like Appliance Recall Alerts because your family’s safety is first priority. Most recalls are fire or safety hazards, and when identified are repaired or replaced by the manufacturer for little or no cost to you.

At Inspecticore, we are happy to help our clients save money with valuable discounts for easier home ownership. We also have a variety of other inspection services. We provide commercial and specialty inspections to the entire Long Island area, including Nassau County and Suffolk County. Ready to work with our friendly staff on your inspection? Schedule your inspection online, or call us at (516) 524-0673 to get started.