From locksmith coordination to finding the right moving company on Long Island, the list of responsibilities after purchasing a residential property seems endless. To help you with the task of getting settled into your new home, Inspecticore will provide you with hassle-free Concierge Services after the home inspection. With just one simple phone call, you’ll have all the necessary home services scheduled for your property. Clients rave about this program, telling us it is fantastic and how it saved them both time and money! Contact us at (516) 524-0673 to learn more about our program.

Locksmith Setup Long Island

Locksmith Appointment

If you don’t know how many copies of keys could be out there for your home, start off with a clean slate by getting new locks. We’ll schedule a qualified locksmith to re-key all the locks at a discounted price.

What other precautions should you take as a homeowner? View our helpful online resources to become better acquainted with the ins and outs of owning a residential property.

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Special Discounts on Home Services

Discounted Home Services in Long Island

In addition to various responsibilities, a Concierge can also save you money on the following services:

  • Home & Auto Insurance: Get special offers on insurance with a no-obligation home- and auto-insurance quote.
  • Home Security: Receive discounts and special rebates on security alarm-system installation and monitoring.
  • Moving & Storage Company: We can refer you to a family-owned and professional company that has been trusted for over 60 years. Mention Inspecticore to receive 10 boxes free!
  • Free LIPA-Certified Energy Audit: If you are thinking about an insulation upgrade, get facts on all the dollars and cents. Find out how much the upgrade would cost and the difference it can make to your energy bills—free of charge.
  • Egress Window Installation Discounts: The most important part of any escape plan is the way out! Take advantage of the Inspecticore egress discount (10% off the contract price) with one of the most experienced egress window installers on Long Island.

At Inspecticore, we offer our complimentary Concierge Services to our home inspection clients, and we also have a variety of other inspection services. We provide commercial and specialty inspections to the entire Long Island area, including Nassau County and Suffolk County. Ready to work with our friendly staff on your inspection? Schedule your inspection online, or call us at (516) 524-0673 to get started.