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East Moriches Mold Inspection

Having a mold infestation in your residential or commercial property can lead to a variety of health issues. Despite this, mold can be very arduous to expose and eliminate without intervention from professionals. Technicians from Inspecticore can precisely identify mold growth in and around your Long Island home and property. They’ll go over the different ways to have it removed and provide you with a report you can share with your insurance company and renovation contractors. We strive to stay up-to-date with advances in the industry so we can offer top-notch services. 

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Precision-based Mold Testing in East Moriches

If you’ve been alerted to any black mold growth in humidity-prone spots around your home or have recently experienced flooding, then it’s imperative to have mold testing performed sooner rather than later. The tests performed by  Inspecticore will accurately determine mold spores that might be infesting your Long Island home. This includes an extensive visual inspection of your property.

East Moriches’s #1 Mold Inspection Company

At Inspecticore, we’re committed to offering responsive mold testing and inspections to homeowners in Long Island. Our team always does its best to make the inspection process as convenient as possible from beginning to close. Whether your home has flooded or you’ve noticed a dank odor in your home, you might be dealing with a mold problem. That’s exactly why our trained staff will be on hand and available when you need us. 

To set up your mold inspection in East Moriches, reach out to Inspecticore today at 516-524-0673 or complete the contact form on our website.

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