The home-buying process can be rather pricey. Between down payments and closing costs, there are many expenses to plan for, but something that every buyer should not forgo is the investment in a home inspection. At Inspecticore of Suffolk County, we believe that our quality home inspections add value to our clients’ home buying experience, giving them the answers they need to make an informed decision.

Skipping out on a home inspection may save you money upfront, but it could be a costly gamble down the road. Here are the top reasons why a home inspection is a smart investment.

1) Find out what type of systems exist in your new house.

Our licensed team at Inspecticore evaluates everything from the property’s ventilation systems and HVAC systems to foundation and insulation. Knowing what type of systems and components exist within the property gives you insight on future repairs and expenses.

2) Determine the condition of the major components of the property.

A big deal breaker in signing the dotted line could be the unplanned expense of something wrong with the major components of the property. If a home inspection reveals a crucial defect, then it’s important to negotiate or walk away. Either way, you’ll be glad you discovered the issue beforehand.

3) Learn how to maintain your new home to improve its value.

At Inspecticore, we don’t end our services at the inspection. We have many helpful resources that are complimentary to homeowners. With our DIY video library, you’ll understand how the systems and structural components of your new home function, as well as how to make minor repairs. You’ll also receive monthly maintenance and safety reminders and our Homeowner’s Guide.

Take it from our pros at Inspecticore: thorough home inspections matter. Call us at (516) 524-0673 to request an inspection in Suffolk County, or schedule online now.

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