When you purchase a property in Long Island, whether residential or commercial, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the expenses (not to mention the actual sale price of the property). From moving truck rental to hooking up utilities, the small expenses add up quickly. The desire to cut costs is natural and understandable, but no matter how you find ways to save, resist the urge to skip out on your home inspection.

The home inspection is an important part of the home-buying process and protects you as you invest in real estate. By not getting an inspection, you may save a few hundred dollars now, but you open yourself up to larger expenses down the road. For example, say that the home you’re buying has a cracked foundation. You and your realtor didn’t catch it during your walk through, so you buy the home without a home inspection. Now, instead of paying a few hundred dollars for the inspection, you have to pay thousands of dollars to fix the home’s foundation.

At Inspecticore of Long Island, NY, we give our customers a thorough report of a property’s main structures and systems, as well as any other problem areas we notice throughout the home. You can take our report and then make a decision whether to ask the seller for repairs, walk away from the contract, or proceed as planned.

The best real estate decision is an informed one, and the home inspection is an important part of that process. You may also decide to take it a step further and add on mold testing or a termite inspection, especially if you suspect damages of any kind. To find out more about our residential inspections, contact Inspecticore today at (516) 524-0673.

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