Home Inspection TipsWhen you’re purchasing a new Long Island home, one of the last phrases you want to hear is “this house has mold.” According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold can do more than cause damage to a property; it can also affect your health. Therefore, it’s important to recognize when mold is present so you can make a plan to purchase a different house or perhaps negotiate for mold remediation. When looking at a house, our inspectors at Inspecticore encourage you to look for these three potential signs of residential mold, as shared by Mold Blogger.

1. Visible mold

The first and easiest way to know if a home has mold issues is if you see visible evidence of mold inside or outside the home. Look for mold in areas prone to damp or wet conditions, such as bathrooms, the kitchen, or the basement. If you see mold, be sure to take note and not ignore it.

2. Strange or musty smell

Is there a musty smell—perhaps a little earthy or “old” smelling—that you can’t quite pinpoint as you walk throughout the house? Even if you don’t see mold, your nose can often pick up the smell of mold that may be hidden.

3. Allergic reactions

When you enter the house, do you suddenly have allergic-type reactions? Do your eyes start to water or does your nose feel stuffy or runny? Take note. This reaction could indicate that mold is present in a house, and you should consider further mold testing before proceeding with the purchase.

If you notice any of these signs of mold, our inspection team recommends that you schedule mold testing. Our mold inspection goes above and beyond the traditional home inspection by doing not only a visible inspection inside and out but also by taking air samples to test for mold. As soon as we get the results from the lab, we’ll be sure to send you the full report so you can make an informed decision about the house.

To find out more about our mold inspection services or to schedule testing, contact Inspecticore today at (516) 524-0673.


photo credit: Emily May via flickr license

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