The home-buying process can get quite hairy, especially if you’re trying to purchase a property where demand is high. You want to be able to move quickly when you find a home you love. However, you don’t want to jump too fast on any property without first giving it a full, professional inspection. In fact, at Inspecticore, we also recommend that you consider the value of mold testing.

mold inspection

While mold testing isn’t required, the presence of mold can turn your dreams of home ownership into a nightmare. Mold can cause damage to any home, potentially costing you money for mold remediation or remodeling. And who wants to hand over more cash after just purchasing a house? Not you.

Additionally, and we would argue more importantly, the presence of mold poses several health risks. While unseen, mold in a house can cause mild to severe upper respiratory issues like sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes or throat, and more. (Check out the EPA’s website for more on these health concerns.) These issues can continue for a home’s occupants until the mold and its cause (like a leak or moisture issue) is removed.

However, you can avoid all this mold mess by getting mold testing from Inspecticore. Our team not only visually inspects a property for mold, but we also take air samples to be tested for the presence of mold spores. As soon as we get these lab results back, we get them to you so you will know how you want to proceed with your real estate endeavors. Whether you decide to walk away from the home or request remediation from the sellers, you can rest easy knowing that mold is not your issue.

To find out more about our mold testing or to schedule an inspection, contact Inspecticore at (516) 524-0673 during regular business hours, or schedule online any time.

photo credit: Old dirty wall with brick hole. via photopin (license)

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