The first step in building a new commercial property is securing a construction loan. After you’ve accomplished that and the project is underway, your builder will send draw requests for labor and materials according to the schedule you have established to ensure that the project is going to be completed on time and on budget. However, it is best practice to order draw inspections throughout the project to confirm that the progress matches the disbursement of funds. Let our team at Inspecticore come alongside you in this journey and ensure your project is going according to plan.

Reduce Risk

The simplest reason for commercial property draw inspections is to follow along with the builder so that you can ensure the loan proceeds are going into the collateral on the loan, and to identify problem loans as early as possible. This way, you will be aware if your builder falls behind or makes a mistake, and then you can work with the builder to remedy the solution. Draw inspections also protect against worst case scenarios, such as a builder building on the wrong lot or drawing funds on a project that isn’t making progress. Draw inspectors are your eyes and ears on the job site to help you avoid these expensive mistakes.

Draw Inspections

What to Expect

Draw inspectors visit the work site to evaluate current progress against what has been reported. They will:

  • Track each stage of construction
  • Give account of all cost statements and funding analyses
  • Photograph materials present on-site and work put in place
  • Review change orders and ensure that they’re in step with project timeline
  • Relay builder questions or needs to lenders/owners
  • Provide payment recommendations
  • Verify permits, zoning, licenses, taxes, and insurance or bonding for the project/builder
  • Assess quality of work, noting any concerns
  • Track invoices versus the work put in place and the materials

At the end of the day, our team at Inspecticore will work with you to make sure we report on the items that matter the most to you. Partner with us to receive a comprehensive building inspection report: contact us today at (516) 524-0673 to schedule an appointment with an experienced property inspector. Our scheduling is flexible for your convenience. Inspecticore also provides home inspection services on Long Island and surrounding areas.

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