After a completed inspection with Inspecticore, you will receive a written report detailing what your inspector found. Usually, you get your report within 24 hours of the home inspection. When you sit down to read the report and decide what to negotiate, here are a few tips for interpreting the inspection report.

Home Inspection Report1.  Focus on the summary.

The first couple pages of your report will highlight the main areas of concern. Usually, these items are the ones that you may want to go back to the seller with repair requests. We’re sure to include pictures and plenty of detail so you understand the issue fully.

2. Read the entire report.

While you’re likely to follow up with the items on the first few pages, don’t neglect the rest of the report. We recommend that you read through it thoroughly at least once if not more. You may also want to have a spouse or friend read through it to make sure you haven’t missed something of importance. That way, you feel like you have all the knowledge you need about the home to move forward with confidence.

3. Remember that not everything is urgent.

If the house poses a safety risk or any big-money fixes, you’ll know it. We make sure you understand what’s most urgent. However, the inspection report will also include details about the house that are more for your benefit and financial planning. For example, we may note that the roof may need to be replaced in five to seven years and to get an annual inspection in the meantime. This information is good to know, but most buyers don’t need to act on it during negotiations. Just keep that tidbit in your back pocket as you plan for home improvements.

4. Ask questions.

Our inspectors are top notch, but they’re also human. We do our best to write out our findings with clarity and good communication skills. However, we know that from time to time a detail gets dropped or you’re left with some follow-up questions. Don’t let them linger. All you have to do is call our inspection team at (516) 524-0673, and we can talk through any aspect of the report.

To schedule your home inspection or to get more information, contact Inspecticore of Long Island, NY, today at (516) 524-0673, or make an appointment online anytime.

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