If you have recently sold your home in Nassau or Suffolk County, you’re likely expecting a visit from a home inspector any day now and you want to be prepared. Getting your home ready for an inspection helps to prevent any problems or surprises down the road, so you’re sure your sale will go smoothly. Our team at Inspecticore has been inspecting homes since 2009, and  we’ve put together a quick checklist so you’ll be ready when the inspector comes knocking.

Seller's Home Inspection

1. Clean the House

It may seem obvious, but some homeowners don’t always take the time to clean their home before the inspector comes. A clean home makes a good impression on the inspector and says that you care about home maintenance.

2. Check the Utilities

Often, homeowners have already moved out of the home by the time the home inspection takes place. If that’s the case, and you’ve already disconnected the utilities, you’ll need to have them turned back on. Your inspector will need to check the stove, run the dishwasher, and test the furnace and air conditioning.

3. Provide Easy Access to the Furnace and Water Heater

Be considerate to your home inspector. You don’t want him to have to clear out the space around the furnace and water heater, so be sure there is three to four feet of open space around them.

4. Check the Pilot Light

Again, if you aren’t currently living in your home, the pilot light may have gone out. Because of insurance reasons, most home inspectors won’t light it for you, so be sure it is lit before they arrive. They will need it to check the water heater, gas stove, and/or furnace.

5. Leave Out Any Home Improvement Documents

If you’ve done any work on your home, such as upgrading your electrical, installing a new dishwasher, or repairing a leaky faucet, find the paperwork and leave it out. Your buyers will appreciate knowing that these improvements were reinspected by a professional.

Our team at Inspecticore wants you to be prepared for your home inspection so you don’t experience any annoying delays in your sale. We are the company to trust with your home inspections and other specialty inspections in Long Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. Contact us today at (516) 524-0673 to learn more about our services or to schedule an inspection.

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