Are you in the process of buying a house in Long Island? Are you a homeowner concerned about the presence of mold? We at Inspecticore want to make sure you know some of the following mold facts. This information can help you in your future home-buying and home-ownership decisions.

1. You can find mold almost anywhere.

Mold is a pesky little fungus that can grow anywhere moisture is present. Mold can set up camp on food, carpet, walls, paper, or even fabric. Many homeowners forget this and assume that if they can’t see mold, they’re fine.

2. The key to cutting out mold is moisture control.

Like many things, the best medicine for mold is prevention. In order to keep molds at bay, you must develop a plan for controlling moisture in your home. A mold inspection can help you determine areas that have moisture (or potential for moisture) so you can control it.

3. Mold can cause health issues.

If you don’t prevent or treat mold, you or your loved ones may begin to develop health concerns. Some of the most common complaints following mold exposure include runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezing or other respiratory issues, stuffy nose, and more.

4. Insulating cold surfaces can help prevent mold.

You can reduce moisture build-up and condensation by adding insulation to cold surfaces. Common areas prone to condensation include windows, roofs, exterior walls, floors, or even piping.

5. Mold may require professional remediation.

Before you can act on mold, you need to know whether your home has it and to what extent. Get a professional mold inspection so you can get a clear picture of the mold condition of your home (or potential home). After you’re armed with the mold inspection, you can then develop a plan to either back out of your home-buying contract or to proceed with mold remediation.

Inspecticore is a top-rated home inspection company in Long Island. To schedule your mold inspection and tackle mold firsthand, contact Inspecticore at (516) 524-0673. We can assess your home as part of a residential inspection or as a specialty inspection service.

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