If you’re in the market for a new home in Long Island this summer, you probably already know that you’ll need a home inspection before finalizing the purchase. However, for added assurance and knowledge, our team at Inspecticore recommends that you also consider the benefits of our additional specialty home inspection services. Read on to learn about the three most common choices.

Specialty Inspections

Mold Testing

Before purchasing a home, you want to know whether mold is present. Not only can mold indicate water damage or leaks, but prolonged exposure to mold can also cause or exacerbate health issues. Our home inspectors thoroughly assess a home for the presence of mold, even taking air samples, as part of our mold testing service.

Termite Inspection

Those little critters can cause big problems fast. Termites cause considerable damage to a home, so it’s important to know whether they are present and how to eliminate them. The first step is a termite inspection. At this appointment, the home inspector will do a thorough analysis of the property to check for signs of termites. If termites or their dwellings are found, we will recommend professional termite remediation services.

Pool or Spa Inspection

If your future home has a pool or a spa, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting it inspected. The inspection includes electric/ground, heater, filter, valves, drain skimmers, coping, pavers, and more. We also offer a pool liner leak detection inspection which uses patented state of the art technology to detect liner leaks, so repairs can be made quickly and effectively.

These three specialty home inspections can give you knowledge and peace of mind in the home-buying process. Discovering that a home has mold or termite damage before you’ve signed all the paperwork is much better than finding out after you’ve moved in. You can use the information from your inspection to either negotiate remediation with the sellers or perhaps as grounds to step back from the contract.

For more information on our mold testing, termite inspections, or pool inspections, contact Inspecticore of Nassau and Suffolk counties at (516) 524-0673.

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