The Essential Guide to Lead Testing in Your Home: Why and How

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Welcome to Inspecticore, your trusted, locally owned home inspection service in Long Island with a 5-star rating. In this guide, we will delve into the critical topic of lead testing in your home. Understanding why and how to conduct lead testing is vital for ensuring the safety and well-being of your family. Why is Lead […]

The Future of Home Inspections: Emerging Trends in Long Island for 2024

Welcome to the latest insights from Inspecticore, your trusted, locally-owned home inspection service in Long Island. As we move into 2024, the home inspection industry is witnessing exciting developments. At Inspecticore, a 5-star rated company deeply embedded in the local community, we’re always at the forefront of these changes, ensuring our clients receive the most […]

The Winter Home Inspection Guide: Preparing Your Home for Holiday Celebrations

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Welcome to the Inspecticore Winter Home Inspection Guide, your trusted partner in keeping your Long Island home safe and cozy during the holiday season! As a locally owned and 5-star rated home inspection company, we understand the unique challenges that winter can bring to your home. In this guide, we’ll walk you through essential winter […]

Preventative Measures: How Mold Testing Can Save You Money in the Long Run

When it comes to purchasing a home, one of the most important steps in the process is the home inspection. At Inspecticore, we take pride in serving the greater Long Island area with our top-rated, fully insured home inspection services. While a standard home inspection covers a wide range of aspects, one often-overlooked component is […]

5 Essential Tips for Mold Inspections in Long Island Homes

Mold inspections are crucial for Long Island homes due to the region’s unique climate which promotes mold growth. The post offers five key tips for effective mold inspections, from understanding common mold types to the importance of professional inspections.

Making a Splash in Long Island: The Essential Guide to Pool Inspections

Inspecticore, Long Island’s leading home inspection company, provides an in-depth guide on the importance of pool inspections for safety, longevity, and compliance. Learn what a pool inspection covers and discover why Inspecticore’s experience and dedication make them the top choice for ensuring your pool’s optimal condition.

Unveiling Inspecticore’s Diverse Range of Specialized Inspections for Long Island Homes

Unveiling Inspecticore’s Diverse Range of Specialized Inspections for Long Island Homes Welcome to Inspecticore, the leading home inspection company serving Nassau, Suffolk & Queens. With our commitment to excellence and a 5-star rating, we take pride in offering a wide array of specialized inspections designed to ensure the safety and quality of Long Island homes. […]

When to Get a Commercial Inspection: Ensuring the Success of Your Business

When to Get a Commercial Inspection: Ensuring the Success of Your Business As a business owner, you understand the importance of due diligence when it comes to the success and longevity of your enterprise. One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is the condition of the commercial property you are planning to buy or lease. […]

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