Life is about making good decisions. At Inspecticore, we assist with the decision making process when it comes to property ownership. Specializing in home and commercial inspections, our experts provide the information needed to make an informed decision on a home or building sale. When the house hunt is nearing the finish line, call Inspecticore at (516) 524-0673 to schedule an inspection. We serve the entire Long Island area, including Nassau and Suffolk County, as well as New York’s five boroughs.

Our Home Inspection Services

Whether you walked right into your dream home or exhausted yourself checking out dozens, you’re going to want a professional home inspection. No home is perfect, but our inspection services help to identify any conditions that may require remedy before investing large sums of money.

Our home inspectors provide a comprehensive visual assessment of both the interior and exterior of the property, from the roof to the foundation. Once the evaluation is complete, we provide clients with a full report touching on areas that require repair or replacement, as well as pointing out the positive attributes of the property. From there, the choice is yours to make. We are always happy to offer recommendations and suggestions.

Clients receive the following benefits along with their home inspection:

  • 200% Guarantee – We value your peace of mind. If our clients aren’t pleased at the time of the inspection we will refund their fee AND pay for another home inspection from a company of their choice.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Time and schedules can be difficult to manage. That’s why we remain as flexible as possible by having inspectors available seven days a week.
  • Free Phone Consultations – We offer 24-hour phone consultations to all customers, no matter the phase of homeownership, and a series of other support-type resources.
  • Home Binder – Inspecticore provides a free membership to the Home Binder. This electronic binder helps organize your home’s information in regard to future projects and repairs, associated receipts, appliance model numbers (for safety recall alerts), create home inventory file for insurance purposes, list of industry service professionals, and other helpful services for home ownership.
  • Home Recall Alerts – Protect your family with Home Recall Alerts. When your electronics, appliances, or other products are recalled, you’ll receive an alert to get a repair or replacement from the manufacturer.

In addition to the valuable services above, we also offer an Annual Home Maintenance Program and in the Long Island area, Nassau and Suffolk counties, and the five NY boroughs. This program is especially useful to homeowners who may not have the time or inclination to manage the annual needs of their property. Need help with utilities setup and other home services? Our Concierge Services will ensure the transition to your new home is hassle-free.

Commercial Building Inspections

The words home inspection are in our name, but we aren’t limited to residential services. In fact, we are highly experienced with commercial property inspections. Inspecticore conforms to the ASTM standard E2018-08 protocol, and is a charter member of the Commercial Building Inspectors Network (CBIN). Qualified in all commercial services, our inspectors assess everything from warehouses and offices to retail centers and apartment complexes. When assessing the property, we check structure, electrical, heating, AC, ventilation, plumbing, roof, interior and exterior, as well as all other components. If necessary, Inspecticore can perform fire safety and phase 1 environmental assessments. Our dedication to clients, no matter the building, is what makes us stand out.

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Inspecticore Specialty Inspections

A standard inspection is certainly comprehensive, but like an x-ray, you may want a closer look at the building’s bones. Using modern techniques like thermal imaging, our specialty inspections look at everything including moisture accumulation, mold growth, termite infestation, and more. Sometimes it may save you thousands of dollars in the long run to have additional services performed now. At Inspecticore, one call does it all.

Specialty Inspections include:

  • Pool and Spa inspections
  • Exterior sprinkler testing
  • EIFS specialization
  • Dock and bulkhead inspection
  • Mold sampling
  • Air quality testing
  • Water intrusion investigation
  • Water potability sampling

If ready to invest in a home or commercial property, make sure you’re prepared Choosing Inspecticore instills the necessary confidence to make an educated decision. For peace of mind, we can help. Call our property inspectors at (516) 524-0673 today, and schedule the inspection your home deserves.